The Best Strategy for How to Win at Online Blackjack

The game of blackjack might seem difficult when you first approach it. But when you finally get to grips with what it’s like to play it, you become more and more excited about dealing a hand or two, whenever you’ve got some free time. Nevertheless, it’s pretty upsetting to lose your stakes, and you want to reduce such cases as much as possible.

That’s when you begin to think about mastering at least a working basic strategy for how to win at online blackjack. Well luckily, we’ve collected the most effective ones, so you don’t have to go anywhere else! That’s why we suggest you just focus on our advice right now and try to memorize the best strategies for playing online blackjack, all of which are described for you in this article.  

Online Blackjack win

The catch here is that many strategies that you can theoretically apply in a brick-and-mortar casino won’t work in the online blackjack version of this casino games. Card counting, for instance, simply becomes useless when you play an online version of blackjack; because any game software surely uses a Random Number Generator. Therefore, you can’t predict what card will be on the table next time, because there are hundreds of millions of possible game variants. That’s why, in order to play and win in online blackjack, you’re going to need specific strategies that are tailored exactly for online blackjack fans.   

Practice in the ‘Play for Fun’ Mode

Practice makes perfect. That’s why, no matter the strategy that you’re going to use for winning at online blackjack more frequently, you need to practice a lot! First of all, for memorizing how to use even the basic strategy. And secondly, for perfecting your skills as well! 

And what’s the safest way to play lots of blackjack hands without losing your own money every time you take a risk? Playing for free, of course! Most online casinos offer the so-called “play for fun” mode, where you can play online blackjack for as long as you want — it’s all for free! Such a great chance to work on strategies that help you win this game: particularly online! 

Of course, playing blackjack for real money is more fun and can bring you some extra cash, but don’t forget to practice a little in a free mode before you place real money bets. You can use the strategies we have described here and chase your luck!

Pick the Game with the Lowest House Edge

Whatever online casino you’re going to play, you’re sure to find quite a few versions of online blackjack on their site. Now, it’s worth mentioning that every game has its own special features and bonuses. And likewise, every online blackjack variant has its own house edge. Sometimes, for promoting a new game, the casino reduces the house edge to invite players to try it out. Look for the games with the lowest house edges — they are the most advantageous. By doing this, you increase the percentage of winnings, which is also a smart bankroll management strategy!

Choose Tables Where the Surrender Rule Applies

online-game-chose table in blackjack

As we’ve already mentioned before, a part of a good strategy of playing online blackjack is to effectively manage your bankroll. That said, if you minimize your losses, your winnings will be more significant, because you end your game session with more money in your pockets.

So, another great recommendation for minimizing losses is to choose online blackjack where the Surrender rule applies. That might not be the easiest thing because lately, this feature has become quite rare. Nevertheless, if you read the terms & conditions or the rules of the particular game and you find a Surrender rule there — go for it!    

Experienced players will especially appreciate this rule. For instance, if you know how to figure out what’s coming with the dealer’s hand, you can fold your hand, thereby keeping half of the bet. That’s called Surrender! Even if you’re not quite sure that you’ll manage to get closer than the dealer to 21, it’s preferable to go for such insurance of your bet. Anyway, you’re getting your 50% back; so it’s definitely better than losing the whole amount when you and the dealer show the cards!

Use the Strategy Tables 

Online blackjack uses RNG, which means that it’s practically impossible to guess what card comes next when you gamble online. Nevertheless, a group of people who really (we mean, REALLY) wanted to bust the dealers did this trick. They dealt hundreds of millions of online blackjack hands, then summarized the results, and came up with the most advantageous strategies of play. 

So, next time you play blackjack online, you can just “consult” one of these strategy charts. Many players who have used it can prove that they began winning much more frequently than when they didn’t use these tables. You can google them online, and the results will give you pics of basic blackjack strategy tables for free. Here is an example, how these charts look like:

This is also convenient when you play online; because you can just open the table in the next tab of your browser and click there each time you get the card. These advantageous recommendations are made on the basis of what card you’ve got, as well as the dealer’s upcard. They solved all these mathematical equations and stuff that other than mathematicians and programmers people won’t understand anyway. But thankfully, we can enjoy the results of their hard work for free and win real money! 

The More You Learn, The Better You Play in the Long Run 

No matter how many hands you’ve played before, it’s never too late to learn. Because when you are learning, you get new information that you may have lacked before, to help you succeed next time. And better still, what feeling in the world could be more pleasant than having those Eureka moments when your blackjack strategy really works out for a win! That’s why it is always a good thing to read an article online or even to buy yourself a book from a guy who busted many dealers throughout his many years of raking in the casino jackpots from blackjack. One such book is Professional Blackjack by Stanford Wong. Check it out, and you won’t regret it!

The Most Asked Questions

Is online blackjack fair? 

Yep, it is! Though, we recommend that you play online blackjack only with licensed casinos. Because they can only get licensed if they adequately follow the fair gaming requirements. One of the essential stages of this approval process is thorough testing of the RNG which is built into each game. If the testing shows that the game results are totally random, the casino gets the license. As a result, when you play, rest assured that every single game on this site, including blackjack, is totally fair!

Do online casinos cheat blackjack?

It is impossible if the casino is trusted and licensed by an authoritative organization. See, the online casinos are not interested in cheating blackjack players because they want you to keep coming back for more!

Do people make a living playing blackjack? 

You can easily find many paid “courses” online that offer to teach you counting cards in blackjack and by doing this, make a living. However, it is considered fraud; and it is also impossible when playing online blackjack. In practice, the chances of winning and losing are setting towards equality over time (the theory of big numbers).
So, it’s most likely that you’ll win something and lose something, with a correlation of nearly 1 to 1. So, it’s better to play blackjack for fun rather than for money. Nevertheless, big wins are possible at big stakes, but the risk is also high. So if you want to give it a shot, look for no-limit blackjack tables; since many casinos set strict no-nos as for maximum betting amounts to minimize house losses.  You can easily find many paid “courses” online that offer to teach you counting cards in blackjack and by doing this, make a living. However, it is considered fraud; and it is also impossible when playing online blackjack. In practice, the chances of winning and losing are setting towards equality over time (the theory of big numbers).

What are the chances of winning blackjack?

The reason why so many players prefer blackjack is the low house edge — just 1% at most casinos. Nevertheless, check the terms before playing each online blackjack variant. However, counting the odds is not that easy, because the blackjack stops being completely random as soon as you make a choice. Overall, there’s a statistics of players’ wins in a table below. But who knows, maybe you play better than the average!


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