About Face Up 21

You’ve tried all the Blackjack casino games and now you’re craving something spicy? The best online Face Up 21 game will bring you tons of excitement while you play for free or play for real money!

Game Mechanics – How to Play Face Up 21


First off, you and the dealer are both dealt two faceup cards. This is the real innovation this version has, compared to the classic blackjack rules. However, the key goal of the card game remains the same – you need to get a hand as close as possible to 21 but not exceed it.

Playing Face Up 21 is just a piece of cake. You click on the number of chips you want to bet. As soon as you placed a bet, you click on ‘Deal,’ and the cards are dealt. Then, considering the total of your cards and the cards of the dealer, you hit, split, double, or stand.


Since you’re playing the Face Up 21 variation of Blackjack, you can see all the dealer’s cards right from the start, there’s one simple thing that has been implemented in the online game. Interesting fact: when the dealer is forced to stand, the game will automatically hit for you until you win or bust.

In this Blackjack variant, you can split only once. You can’t surrender nor take insurance. And one more key thing: whenever you and the dealer have a tie, the dealer always wins.


To win, your hand has to be closer to 21 than the dealer’s, but no higher; or the dealer’s hand has to exceed 21, but yours doesn’t have to.

Whenever you play and win at the Face Up 21 for real money, you will always get even money. This means that you’ll win your bet amount and an equal amount back from the dealer (i.e. if you bet $5 and win, you’re going to get $10).


How to describe Face Up 21 Blackjack in one word? We’d say ‘intriguing.’ It is among the best online casino games, and it will unquestionably entertain you for hours!

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