About Super 21

This is sort of a game you may both play for free and play for real money. Blackjack for real money or for free can be played on many websites. This blackjack variation takes a leading position in the world of the best casino games online, while you can have a great time playing that easy game with the rules we will describe in the following section. To ensure the best online experience, the game has a helpful reminder with a set of rules which pops up when you play!

Game Mechanics – How to Play Super 21

In this online casino game, the player receives 2 cards face-up, while the dealer is also dealt 2 cards: the first one face-down and the second one face-up. Your goal is to try to approach to 21 points sooner than the dealer, but without getting over 21.

How to Play Super 21

It is allowed to split any 2 cards that have identical value, hit, stand, or else double. The dealer needs to hit on any hard total of 16 or below or on any soft total of 17 or below as well as to stand on any hard total of 17 or above or on any soft total of 18 or above.


In Super 21 you have a chance of surrendering or doubling once at any time and returning 50% of the amount you originally bet. If you wish to win, like in almost all blackjack options, you need to possess a hand of 21 points than the hand of the dealer as long as not exceeding 21 points, or else the dealer needs to bust. Also, you have bonus hands that cannot apply when doubling. The players can keep on hitting for respective hand unless they made a split for a pair of Aces, in which case they can only hit one time for each hand.


The following variants of payouts are valid:

  • 2:1 for a Diamond Blackjack, a 21 which contains five cards or a six cards (non-doubled hands)
  • Even money is paid a Blackjack, a six-card 20 just for non-doubled hands or alternative winning hands
  • Push in the case you have a tie


The gameplay and graphics of Super 21 are smooth; you can have tons of fun no matter whether one plays for free or plays for real money.

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