Best Online Casino Games: Perfect Pairs Blackjack

For those players who like classic online casino games, but who want to add a little twist to the best online tables, there’s an interesting edition from RTG called Perfect Pairs Blackjack. With this game, you can play as you usually do, for free or for real money. The table design looks just like the original game from this provider. Plus, the rules and payouts are almost the same. The only exception? The cool new feature of adding an extra bet to every new deal.

Casino Games: Perfect Pairs Blackjack

Needless to say, playing Perfect Pairs Blackjack is a breeze. The layout is simple and intuitively understandable, even when you play it for the first time ever. Unlike many real casinos where a few people can take a sit by one table and play for real money, you are the only one who plays against the dealer in this game. The animated gameplay with instant hints in little text boxes gives a casino atmosphere that outperforms even the real experience of gambling offline.

One exciting added feature is the option of betting on the probability that the first two cards you’ll get will be a pair of the same value (for example, 3 and 3 or King + King). Good news is that it can consist of the cards of any suit and color. However, the same suit is much better because it makes a Perfect Pair! Here are the payouts for different kinds of pairs in this game:

This bet is a pure game of chance; unlike all the other blackjack casino games, which require you to you use a certain strategy against the dealer. So, if you like games of skill but want to take a chance at the same time, Perfect Pairs Blackjack from RTG is a perfect choice! As you can see, payouts are huge, but the choice is also risky. But hey, isn’t it what you’re looking for in the best casino games online?

At the very least, you can try it out in play free mode first, to see what you think. Now if you don’t get a pair, your additional bet is taken away. But if you do win, you get a significant prize and continue playing. At this point, you can either split and play two hands with a doubled bet, or continue playing a single hand. If you split Aces, you can hit only one time. The same goes if you double any bet – you can draw just one card afterwards.

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