Online Casino Blackjack for Real Money

Many game providers develop online casino games that look just like real money table ones in real casinos. This game is an American variation of the “21” game that came there from France around the seventeenth century.

Online Casino Blackjack

Blackjack is a matching kind of casino games. A long time ago, it was played with only one deck, and the winning Blackjack hand included only the Jack of Spades and an Ace. But time went by, and modern casinos made Blackjack more thrilling and engaging by adding 2 or more decks to a single game and increasing the number of winning hands.

Both professional reviewers and players searching for best casino games online love Blackjack 21 from RTG. You want your cards to make 21 or a total value closer to 21 than the dealer has. You also don’t want to bust. The bust is when you get more than 21 points, which is also a losing hand. The value of cards:

First things first, you need to make a bet. You can play free or play for real money. Then, you press “Deal” and see the cards. You can ask for one more card, stand, and let the dealer get more cards or reveal all of them. Another possible move is to split cards if you’ve got a pair of the same value and then complete each of the hands with one card. Also, double bet means that your initial bet value increases twice the value and you get another card. Doubling is allowed after you’re dealt two first cards and after splitting.

The RTG version also suggests the best online insurance bet. It pops up automatically. In this case, you can bet ½ of your stake for the chance that the dealer has 21. Should this be true, then instead of losing your entire bet, you get a 2:1 payout. In the opposite situation, the house collects all your stakes.

The “dealer’s” strategy in the RTG game is pretty standard — the “dealer” hits at less than 17; otherwise, the “dealer” has to stand. The table limit is $1-250. This game also doesn’t offer such bets as Surrender. The main payouts are 3:2 if you’ve got first-hand Blackjack, even money with other winning hands, and recoup ante when the tie appears.

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