Play Suit ‘Em Up Blackjack Online

Stuck choosing among online casino games to play for free or for real money? This blackjack version won’t let you down!

About Suit ‘Em Up

Introduced by Vegas casinos in 2013, this blackjack novelty has already reached the mainstream and is now one of the best online casino games! Place a side bet for having the first two cards from the same suit and get additional chances to win some extra cash! Test your luck and let this game conquer your soul.

Game Mechanics – How to Play Suit ‘Em Up


The rules are the same as in the regular blackjack, apart from the additional feature – side bet. The bet doesn’t change the main game at all; moreover, it won’t affect your gaming strategy. The outcome will be known once the first two cards are dealt, and you can continue hitting, splitting or standing on your main game.

Bonus Functions and Features

As soon as your first two cards are suited – congratulations, your bonus is paid! But if you place a blackjack side bet and the cards aren’t from the same suit, your wager will be collected. Once your side wagers are paid or collected, the old-fashioned blackjack game begins.

In Suit ‘Em Up blackjack, the dealer will always hit on any total of 16 or less and stand on any total of 17 or more.


If you play for free, the game won’t bring you cash winnings; however, it will bring you lots of fun and skills! But if you think this is too easy for you, and you want to try to break the bank and play for real money, the payout rate is the same as always – 3:2. However, using the side bet, you will be paid 10-1 for suited blackjack, 5-1 for suited pair, 3-1 for suited eleven, and 2-1 for any other cards. And, the best is yet to come – you will be payout 50-1 to 60-1 for two suited aces!


If you want to test your luck, but you’re tired of all the typical casino games, choose this one. While the main game of blackjack requires your math skills and proper use of the basic strategy, blackjack side bets require only luck. You cannot predict or somehow count the possible suit match of the first two cards. However, this is where all the fun comes from! The overall gameplay, along with adrenaline rush, will bring you the exceptional experience of enjoying one of the best casino games online – Suit ‘Em Up blackjack!

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